Bristols 6 Styling Tape

by: Bristols 6

There is nothing greater for a woman, than to be able to dress up in an elegant yet suggestive manner. Whatever your choice of outfit the material is likely to be light and flowing, necklines plunging and shoulder straps a mere style detail.åÊ
The problem is though that not many women do dress as they would wish, and the reason is fear. Fear that at the least opportune moment your outfit will reveal your modesty.åÊ
Bristols 6‰۪s new Stylin‰۪ Tape is here for all those of you who either suffer from wardrobe malfunctions, or fear that it may happen should you wear that Little Black Dress. Stylin‰۪ Tape is here to keep your clothes where they belong ‰ÛÒ on you!!!
Stylin‰۪ Tape is made of the highest quality medical adhesives, it is completely clear and will not damage fabric, moving with you so you can remain clothed!! Stylin' Tape comes in a stylish and discreet snakeskin purse, perfect for your handbag!
  • Medical Adhesives
  • Will Not Damage Clothes
  • Keeps Your Clothes On For You
  • Pack Includes Tape Cut Into Three Exclusive Sizes
  • Elegantly packaged in snakeskin purse

                          Collections: Accessories, Pasties & Tassels

                          Type: Lingerie

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