B Swish Bwarm

by: B Swish

Little is more arousing than the Tinseltown image of a gently flickering, soft glowing candle sitting by the bedside. Add to this image the reality of an equally exotic and erotic aroma combined with an effortlessly sensual massage balm allowing you to glide over your partner's body with ease.
If you believe that this is reachable, we implore you to let Bswish‰۪s magically naughty Bwarm massage candle illuminate the way to your most erotic encounters. Bwarm exudes the most enticing aroma and once the wax has melted we can only hope you will be ready to explore your partner's desperately craving body with Bwarm's gently warmed, ultra-slippery massage balm.

  • Cosmetic grade waxes
  • Massage balm once melted
  • Amber scent
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin

Collections: Apothecary, Oils & Candles

Type: Body

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