Dai-D̦ No.5

by: Big Tease Toys

In the world of adult sex toys, few toys can be considered truly unique and of those which can be classed so fewer still are anything more than a mere gimmick. However, Dai-D̦ No.5 is one of those elusive few which have entered the market with a fresh take on what a sex toy should be, and it has brought people to their knees in a clawing desperation in the process.
As with all of the Dai-D̦ range No.5 is incredibly sleek to look at - a thing of real timeless beauty, the outer skin is made of aluminium alloy which not only provides a magnificent weight but is also so silky smooth that it will glide over the skin with a pure and delicate ease with only the slightest hint of natural lubrication.
What really sets Dai-D̦ No.5 apart though, is the shape. Unlike other dildos, Dai-D̦ No.5 is made up of a series of graduated balls, each one tantalisingly larger than the one before. The further Dai-D̦ No.5 is inserted the wider it will spread the your inner sanctum, leading to the most explosive feeling of fullness, though we assure you that far from being uncomfortable Dai-D̦ No.5 will leave you begging for a feeling of even greater spreading.
To cap it all off Dai-D̦ No.5, as with all other models in the Dai-D̦ range, has its uppermost most ball masterfully crafted to apply the most intense pressure upon the G-Spot, or even the P-Spot for the more adventurous Males.

  • Designed for g-spot & prostate (p-spot) stimulation
  • Fashioned from Superior grade Aluminum alloy & Stainless steel for a lifetime of pleasure
  • Unique Thermal Properties encourage the Exploration of Hot/Cold Sensation Play
  • Slip-resistant Silicone grip for enhanced control & handling
  • Waterproof
  • Length: 5.6" Diameter: 1.1"

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