Fun Factory Corsar

by: Fun Factory

Whether you‰۪re using it for clitoral stimulation or you‰۪re a G-spot gal, this modestly sized but powerful and versatile vibrator will get the job done every time, and it offers ten vibration speeds for you to enjoy along the way.åÊ
These vibrations are controlled via the plus minus buttons in the shaft itself and can get very powerful without being too loud.åÊ
The entire shaft is covered in silicone, and not only is this one of the softest and most sensual materials used on the sex toy market, but it‰۪s also hygienically superior because you can disinfect it by boiling it for five minutes.åÊ
The shaft is smooth for the most part except for the tip which is angled to give you maximum control and maneuverability around you G-spot.åÊ
To sum it up, there isn‰۪t a single thing we don‰۪t like about the Corsar vibrator; it‰۪s quite a hard worker for a toy it‰۪s size, and believe us, it‰۪ll earn its keep.

  • Silicone
  • Smooth finish
  • Length:5 1/2"åÊ
  • Multispeed vibrations
  • Waterproof


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