Zini Deux

by: Zini

2 in 1, sharing with your partner.åÊEvery couple wants to share the same feeling as each other. Deux is a must-have item for sexual foreplay for couples.

Coupling is the beautiful love interaction harmony of Yin and Yang. However, nothing should be more perfect than coupling sharing ecstasy with Deux.

Product brief
2 vibrators for his and her foreplay.åÊ

The vibrators can be combined to form a new one.

Romantic design concept: 1+1=1

Zini products have been carefully designed to stimulate various erogenous zones.

Designed ergonomically for woman's body.
- Bust and nipple
- Clitoris/labium/perineal region

Unique curve and shape for man's body line.
- Man's solid breast
- Testicles/perineal region

Convex and concave button design
The visually impaired user can easily control with convex and concave buttons.

Superb grips and hand palm size
It is just fit your hand, don't worry about dropping it.

Keep it clean after using! Deux is easy to wash
Splash proof design makes it easy to clean with just running water or a wet cloth

An economical vibrator with rechargeable battery
- Two hours of recharging, average availability of three hours.
- One charger is included in the package.
- Just charge up one by one. It can not charge two vibrators at the same time.

Soft Feel top coated on the surface, it feels soft as silk and comfortable to your skin.
* Use only with water-based lubricant.

Collections: Couples, Femme, For couples, Massagers

Type: Body

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