Luxotiq Stone Beads

by: Luxotiq

In the adult world no anal beads surpass those made by Luxotiq and we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to offer these beautiful products to you.
All Luxotiq Anal Beads are masterfully crafted from the highest quality semi-precious stones and then painstakingly polished to an incredibly high shine. Anal Beads are incredibly varied but they have one thing in common; the function.
Luxotiq‰۪s Anal Beads are probably the most beautiful in the world. Their form is overtly erotic and no attempt has been made to conceal their function within the design; simplicity is the cornerstone of these anal beads. Luxotiq‰۪s Anal Beads immediately send the mind through a whirlwind of sexual desire, they light the fire of an eagerly burning lust deep within the body of any who gaze upon them. Even those who have never tried anal play before will be left with a deep sense of wonderment, desperate to be more adventurous simply to accommodate Luxotiq‰۪s exquisitely beautiful Anal Beads within their foreplay and intercourse.
Beauty aside, Luxotiq‰۪s Anal Beads are first and foremost an object of incomparable pleasure. Their smooth precious form is silky beyond belief, they will slide easily into the desired place and the ultra fine string ensures comfort for even the freshest of beginners. The lack of a thick shaft makes these beads even more spectacular; the only sensations the user will feel are those from the beads‰Û_and may we say that those sensations are quite possibly the greatest and most erotically indulgent sensations a person could ever experience through any form of anal play.
Luxotiq‰۪s Anal Beads are petite in stature, providing the most decadent starting point for all those wishing to embrace the world of anal love in a safe and comfortable manner.
Amethyst has been used throughout history as a form of protection. This strikingly violet stone also has the power to enable positive changes in a person while healing and cleansing.åÊåÊ

  • Semi Precious Stone Anal Beads
  • 5 insertable beads, one anchor bead
  • Easy to use
  • Small å_ inch diameter beads
  • Come in a beautiful presentation box

Collections: A Play, A Play : women, Femme, Homme

Type: Toys

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