About Us

We at La Belle Epoque have seen the adult sex toy market blossom over the last couple of decades; the rate at which it has grown is truly phenomenal, while innovation and technological progress is a daily feature of the industry.

What we have also noticed is the market succumbing to a plague which inevitably damages every market. Recent years have seen the sex toy market become increasingly seedy and unpleasant. The industry has been flooded with countless sex toys which look cheap and tacky and perform even worse. This influx of distasteful sex toys is only getting worse, and we at La Belle Epoque are committed to upholding the standards of an increasingly overshadowed area of the industry.

We understand that not everyone wishes to invade their most private areas with the monstrosities that are most common. Love and lust is about elegance and taste, charm and passion. Why should you degrade your intimacy by using toys which are frankly repulsive, have a clinical air and perform poorly?

For those of us at La Belle Epoque this unfortunate development in the sex toy industry has rested uncomfortably upon our consciences for far too long. Driven by our passion for high quality and luxurious sex toys, we built and cultivated a passionate and creative team of like-minded individuals with unparalleled knowledge and experience. Our aim is to change the aspirations of this industry and its consumers, to spark an erotic renaissance; a re-birth from which the market might finally realise its potential.

When we take such care with choosing a lover, why do we not extend this care to the choice of sex toy? It may not be flesh and blood but rest assured a vibrator is still a lover; for this reason we implore you to choose with as much care as you would a living, breathing lover.

We are committed to offering our customers sex toys which mirror the delights of lovemaking; grace and elegance are of utmost importance. All the sex toys we offer have been selected for their quality and their function.

At La Belle Epoque we also understand that your privacy should never be compromised, and so all our deliveries are packaged in the most discreet manner with no details of where the package has come from or what it contains.