Bijoux Indiscrets L'Essence Du Boudoir

by: Bijoux Indiscrets

The Spanish firm Bijoux Indiscrets bring an air of Hispanic flair to the bedrooms of erotically inspired and uninhibited couples the world over. Their products exude sultry, provocative sensuality, coaxing the mind into the passionate embrace of a deep lust while the body is fired with prosaic carnal urges; sexual desperation is driven to astronomical heights. Bijoux Indiscrets offers the world a chance to let go of all decency and give in to the excess of mortal sexuality. Eroticism is a vital human energy, inherent in all of us; it courses through the blood, its power undeniable.
L‰۪Essence Du Boudoir harnesses the erotic power of our most intimate sense. Smell is by far the most powerful sense, it can transport us into the past and take us on rollercoaster emotional rides. Smell is closely entwined with our deepest lust, and it is this relationship which L‰۪Essence Du Boudoir will exploit with astonishing results. Sprayed onto you sheets and around the boudoir, this aphrodisiac scent will take hold of the imaginations of those who are present, inviting them to explore the limits of sexuality. Once the scent is freed from its dramatically provocative cage, you can be sure that the most passionate lovemaking is only moments away. In L‰۪Essence Du Boudoir the sweetness of rose, the exoticism of jasmine and the erotic power of Ylang-Ylang are fused with precious woods and exotic spices.

    Collections: Apothecary, Lotions & Potions

    Type: Body

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