Dai-D̦ No.1

by: Big Tease Toys

Dai-D̦ No.1 from Big Tease Toys is one of their quintessential dildos. Dai-D̦ No.1 is an exquisitely crafted, style and function fuse into the most astonishing dildo. Formed of aluminium alloy, Dai-D̦ No.1 has a surprisingly pleasing weight to it - the weight of quality. Due to this clever use of metal Dai-D̦ No.1 is also extremely adept at temperature experimentation, storing both heat and cold magnificently.
Many people look at Dai-D̦ No.1 and see a very basic dildo; a simple and smooth phallic dildo designed to mimic the sensations of penetrative sex. Though this is true in part, most people also look at Dai-D̦ No.1 up-side down. The sphere at the tip of Dai-D̦ No.1‰۪s, magnificently hard and smooth, shaft is actually meant to be inserted first, the result of this is a superbly powerful and precise G-Spot massager. Alternatively Dai-D̦ No.1 is more than happy to partake in Male usage,and in this instance stimulates the prostate or P-Spot.

  • Designed for g-spot & prostate (p-spot) stimulation.åÊ
  • Fashioned from Superior grade Aluminium alloy & Stainless steel for a lifetime of pleasure.
  • Unique Thermal Properties encourage the Exploration of Hot/Cold Sensation Play.
  • Slip-resistant Silicone grip for enhanced control & handling.
  • Comes with a chic satin case
  • Length: 7.2" Diameter: 1.9"

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Type: Toys

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