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Pelvix Concept improves your sex life and gives you more pleasure.

Pelvix Concept is designed to re-train and stimulate you pelvic muscles. It is the perfect symbiosis between Chinese balls and vaginal cones. The history of Chinese balls, originally called 'Ben Wa', which means joy, goes back to feudal Japan. They were created for the Emperor’s concubines, so that they were always ready to be at his disposition, with their pelvic floor correctly toned and the ideal vaginal pressure. This meant intense sexual relations, giving a lot of pleasure.

The Pelvix Concept will give you a perfect muscle tone, fundamental for enjoying a healthy, full and satisfying sex life.

Pelvix Concept is the fruit of the close collaboration between gynaecologists and urologists from several different countries. They carried out an exhaustive analysis of the pros and cons of the different natural methods in the market for strengthening and retraining the pelvic floor such as vaginal cones or the geisha balls. It is a new alternative method that perfectly meets the therapeutic requirements of the perineum retraining.

How do you use Pelvix Concept?
Treatment with Pelvix Concept involves exercises aimed at improving muscle strength and elasticity, increasing urethral closure and preventing urine loss. It increases muscle tone in the pelvis muscles. By using Pelvix Concept for just 15-20 minutes a day, for 1 to 4 months, provided you stick strictly to the routine, you will be able to achieve noticeable improvements.

(Procedure) treatment:
- Start treatment by inserting Pelvix Concept, without any weights inside, into your vagina as if it were a tampon. Try to keep it inserted for 15 minutes. You must remain standing or moving around during that time; never sit or lie down. Pelvix will tend to descend and fall under its own weight. That will cause a spontaneous reflex that contracts the pelvic floor muscles. This action provides highly effective and specific physiotherapy.
- Keep up this routine for as many days as necessary until you can hold that weight completely comfortably.
- Insert the lightest ball into Pelvix Concept by unscrewing the cap.
- Repeat the routine, progressively increasing the weight, until you can comfortably bear the last weight.
- How long you need to carry out all of the steps depends on your particular case. Visit your gynaecologist to keep a check on how it is going.
- The approximate treatment time is 1-4 months.
- Do not exceed the daily treatment time as this may cause muscle fatigue.

Length: 6,3 cm
Weight balls: 9, 17, 34 gram

Made of high quality silicone.

Collections: Femme, Kegel Balls

Type: Toys

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