Fun Factory Cobra Libre

by: Fun Factory

With the release of Cobra Libre, Fun Factory have revolutionized the male sex toy market. Cobra Libre is the very first vibrating stimulator for Gentlemen. Fun Factory's design for the Cobra Libre has brought together the two worlds which Males hold most dear in an improbable yet highly effective manner; Sex and Fast Cars.
The design may not look overtly automotive yet there is an air of it in there. Cobra Libre has taken the key design values of every man‰۪s childhood fantasy car; the AC Cobra. Yet where this Cobra leaves all others in the dust, is in the world of eroticism.åÊ
Cobra Libre is not a personal masturbator, Cobra Libre is the answer to the jealous cries of Men all over the globe. Men who watch their partners enjoy the magnificent delights of their vibrator with a deep, burning envy!! Cobra Libre is made of smooth, rigid plastic, except for the opening, which is made of soft flexible silicone to accommodate the tip of any Man‰۪s member. Once inserted the tip of the penis sits within the Cobra Libre's body and rests upon a small transverse ridge which presses upon the frenulum.
Once the penis is inserted, Cobra Libre hugs it tightly while showing the Gentleman a world of erotic pleasure which has never before been experienced. Cobra Libre is endowed with two independent motors which can be fine tuned through an intuitive interface to give an infinite array of vibrating patterns.
For all those Men who have idly and enviously sat by watching their partners enjoy their vibrators, we implore you to join them with the aid of Cobra Libre and see what all that fuss is really about!!

  • Body Safe Materials
  • Two Independent Motors
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Click ‰Û÷N‰۪ Charge Technology
  • *Requires FUN magnetic charger*

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            Type: Toys

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