Je Joue Sa-Si

by: Je Joue

SaSi from Je Joue is the world‰۪s first intelligent vibrator.åÊ

SaSi is wonderful to behold, her soft silicone skin and gentle curves are the perfect imitation of a Woman‰۪s sexuality. Her design is a study of flowing, delicate curves. SaSi is graceful, she may be an object of wild erotic capacity though her form soothes and comforts the mind into a state of easy euphoria long before you switch her on. SaSi is truly a masterpiece, a perfect balance of passionate design and erotic function.
SaSi‰۪s form gives away her function a as personal massager designed to work upon the external regions of a Woman's most intimate areas. Where SaSi differs is in the way she operates; SaSi is designed to mimic the incomparable delights of cunnilingus. While many massagers promise to closely imitate the tip of the tongue, SaSi is the only one which truly delivers.åÊ
For those Women who are fortunate enough to enjoy cunnilingus at the hands of an expert Gentlemen, no other human experience is quite the same! While intercourse is powerful and passionate with intense sensations, cunnilingus is gentle, delicate yet erotic.åÊ
SaSi may not be able to suck and nibble in the way a lover can, but she can most certainly lick as well as any man. Under SaSi‰۪s silicone skin there is a unique small nub which moves freely, creating a sensation that is unbelievably similar to the real thing.åÊ
As the desires of each and every woman are completely unique SaSi gives her owner complete freedom to fine tune their pleasure. SaSi can operate in one of two modes; the first is ‰Û÷Favourites Mode‰۪ in which the nub moves in five different patterns which can be adjusted for both speed and vibration intensity. SaSi‰۪s uniqueness though becomes apparent in ‰Û÷Learn‰۪ Mode, in which SaSi‰۪s nub moves in an infinite number of patterns all the while ‰Û÷learning‰۪ which ones you love and remembering them for the next time‰Û_Just like the perfect lover....
SaSi comes presented in a luxurious gift box, so there is no need to bury her too deep in the sock drawer!!

  • 100% Body Safe Silicone
  • Simulates Cunnilingus
  • Learns to please you and you alone
  • Rechargeable - world charger
  • Splashproof
  • Beautifully packaged in an elegant gift box

Collections: Femme, Massagers

Type: Toys

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