Laid K1

by: Laid

Laid K1, Silicone Magnetic Balls
Benefit of kegel exercise
The pubococcygeus muscle, better known as the PC muscle, is actually a group of hammock-like muscles, found in both sexes, that stretch from the pubic bone to the tail bone forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. Exercises that strengthen the PC muscles are usually referred to as Kegel exercises. Increased muscle tone may result in greater sensation during intercouse, increased bladder control and have a preventative effect on incontinence later in life. The PC muscles are also involved in orgasm, and many women find that doing regular Kegel exercises to strenghten the muscles changes the way their sexual response feels.

How to start
Sit with your legs spread apart, or stand with one leg raised and gently insert the A ball 2 cm into the vagina. Each successive ball is inserted the same way. We suggest starting off with 2 balls, inserting the larger non-magnetic ball first (pink color), followed by the smaller magnetic (black current color). Insert them, squeeze your muscles and see how it feels. Stand up and see if you can hold on to them. Relax your muscles, let gravity pull them down and take the balls out.

Purposeful fun with the K.1 Silicone Magnetic Balls
The purpose of the the A Silicone Magnetic Balls is to provide the most flexible and fun way to do pelvic floor and vaginal strength exercises, also known as Kegel exercises. Small enough for everyone to insert with ease, they combine to provide a larger shape within that you may squeeze your PC-muscle around. Weighted sufficiently the balls do drop to the vagina opening with ease and can be taken out one ball at a time. The idea is to be able to visualize the exercise you are attempting.

- 2 magnetic balls
- 2 non-magnetic balls
- Medical grade silicone
- Hypoallergenic
- Size: 19 + 23 mm
- Weight: 25 + 37 gram

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