Lelo Hex Condom

by: Lelo

Perfectly smooth on the outside, textured on the inside; the hexagonal web within flexes and stretches to fit a wide number of shapes securely.

Each LELO HEX condom is made up of 350 interconnected hexagons and the condom surface adapts and models to the user's unique shape. The result is a new sense of intimacy and comfort like no condoms have previously given which is more sensitive and more intimate sexual sensation.

HEX ™ is unique in that it combines a 0,055 mm HEX ™-net with ultra thin latex of 0.045 mm for a combination of thinness and strength. That is why HEX ™ helps to deflect unwelcome stress by the structure itself brings you closer to your partner, confident in the knowledge that the HEX ™ does its job.

We are all familiar with ribs and dots on condoms, but LELO engineers have turned this up and down. There is a reason that Formula 1 tires for wet conditions has a textured surface, while the other tires do not. It provides extra support on the track and reduces the risk of skidding.

This is why HEX, unlike all previous condoms, has an internal net of hexagons. Because this net is on the inside and not on the outside, HEX ™ helps you and your partner to enjoy each other fully and also under safe and secure conditions.


Features Ultra-Thin, Extra Pleasure, Extra Safe
Flavour None
Colour Natural
Size Regular
Thickness 0.045 mm
Length 189 mm
Girth 108 mm
Width at Base 54 mm
Width at Base of Head 54 mm
Width at Head 54 mm
Shape Straight
Tip Teat
Lubricant Type Silicone (Non-Spermicidal)

Collections: Accessories, Condoms, NEW IN

Type: Body

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