Lelo Ina

by: Lelo

Lelo is without doubt the one of the world‰۪s foremost manufacturers of adult toys and now, with Ina, they have finally released a vibrator of the ‰Û÷rabbit‰۪ kind!!
Lelo‰۪s Ina is most definitely the greatest vibrator within the greatest sector of the sex toy market! There is a lot to be said about what is quickly being recognized as the worlds best rabbit vibrator; Ina is pure sexual freedom, her abilities know no bounds and she will prove to you time and time again that your body also knows no bounds.åÊ
Ina is magnificent to look at, her form is both clean and uncluttered, sophistication oozes from each and every point along her sleek shaft. While still a wonder to behold Ina is at the same time overtly sexual, an exhibitionist of the highest order; her form leaves no doubt in the mind as to her function yet in a way that is graceful and charming. There really is no Woman who could not fall captive of Ina‰۪s delights, her form is simply the tip of a titanic iceberg.. once Ina is turned on that is when she comes to life.
Ina is a dual stimulating vibrator, hitting the clitoris and the G-Spot with precision time and time again. Her shape is the perfect fit for any woman, she feels almost as an exact cast of your most sacred areas, both internal and external. Ina is the proverbial glove to fit any hand, once inserted she will make you feel full, satisfied and satiated.
Ina is the Madame of all vibrators, sophisticated and reserved yet once called upon more talented a pleasure giver than any other. Ina has a spectacular range of eight vibration modes, using various combinations of the two separate motors, but buried amongst them is one which will make you feel like the sky is crashing down around you. Ina‰۪s Circular mode is a rather large slice of heaven, her motors work alternately, one on the G-Spot and the other on the Clitoris, the result is the most erotic sensation of a deep, satisfying thrusting!!
Ina is an erotic Shangri-La, and we implore you to give in to her.

  • Body Safe Materials
  • User Friendly Interface
  • 8 Vibration Modes
  • Dual Stimulating
  • Rechargeable
  • Length: 7.75" Diameter: 1.3"

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          Type: Toys

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