Paul Seville Moulded Stingray Mask

by: Paul Seville

Originally hailing from the Emerald Isle, London based leather couturier Paul Seville has surely earned himself the position as the world‰۪s most respected erotic artisan. His designs have graced the runways of many of the world‰۪s most esteem fashion shows; his illustrious fans including many of the most recognizable fashion house leaders. As an artisan, Paul Seville is peerless; his ability to process fine leathers and exotic skins and form them into the finest of bondage accessories is incomparable. The fact that each piece has been lovingly crafted by his own hand shows tremendous respect for the client, while using any of his pieces is a true honour.åÊ
Without doubt, the most famous pieces from Paul Seville‰۪s Boudoir range are his masks; they have become a prized fashion accessory for use both within the confines of the boudoir but also as eyewear for the evening. Paul‰۪s stingray masks are the most sought after of the range; their exquisite beauty and precious nature make them alluring and desirable beyond belief.
Paul Seville‰۪s breathtaking Moulded Stingray Mask is surely his piece de resistance; The supple Stingray skin has been hand moulded into the form of the features it intend to hide, preserving the human nature of the wearer within. This mask may hide your lover‰۪s face but the moulded form replaces this with another intimacy; the mask hides the detail while conserving the basic form of the face. Your partner is at the same time the person you recognise and a mystery lover with whom all bets are off.
This mask allows you to heighten lovemaking by introducing the elements of anticipation and surprise, yet the simple design allows for something much more powerful. The mask offers anonymity and neutralises inhibitions by allowing the wearer to become whomever they choose; it allows for infinite forbidden pleasures and fantasies to be realised.
But do not fear that you may become unmasked, for the leather straps will hold it firmly in place once buckled together.

  • Luxury EyemaskåÊ
  • Moulded in the shape of a face
  • Genuine Stingray Skin
  • Handmade in London

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