Rianne S Matryoshka

by: Lelo

Rianne S is the luxury adult brand whose market debut has created a serious stir. The brainchild of Dutch fashionista Rianne Swiesrtra, this is a brand which is utterly dedicated to the development of a woman‰۪s pleasure by redefining sensuality. Rianne S is the culmination of years of research and sexual frustration. In order to achieve maximum pleasure, Rianne S realised that a woman needs to be stimulated both physically and mentally. A sex toy cannot perform flawlessly unless it inspires and seduces the mind. Small but perfectly formed, the Rianne S range, is designed to embody the subtle virtues of feminine sensuality and to seduce the user as a fine lover might.
The Matryoshka vibrator is a piece of rare beauty within the adult toy world, the provocatively curved form is inspired by the Matryoshka Russian dolls, while the silhouette is subtly altered to ensure that it works with the curves of a woman‰۪s body to promote pleasure as far as is physically possibly. Sized perfectly for the palm of the hand, Matryoshka is utterly intuitive in its use and ensures an experience which is extremely personal. It may not be the most discreet toy ever, but once placed within its charging case, Matryoshka is more than capable of hiding in plain sight.
Rianne S may redefine sensuality, but their toys will be sure to heighten the physical pleasure of your sex life by seducing your mind.

  • Luxury intimate massager
  • Charges within it's storage case
  • 5 different patterns and 5 diverse intensities
  • Discrete and hygienic charger, versus storage box
  • Smart travel lock to ensure that the Matryoshka does not switch on by accident when travelling.
  • Waterproof - Taking a shower or bath was never so exciting.

Collections: Femme, Massagers, Vibrators

Type: Body

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