Shiri Zinn Glass Love Eggs

by: Shiri Zinn

Shiri Zinns glass love egg set is the perfect tool for strengthening the pelvic floors, which will result in healthy genital tone, improved vaginal skin tone and sensitivity.åÊ
When you don‰۪t maintain fitness of your sexual organs they weaken and lose resilience. After childbirth, but not exclusively, you can experience stretching of the vagina and nerve loss resulting in decreased vaginal sensitivity and lack of flexibility. The pelvic floor weakens. This can diminish pleasure for you and your partner. Furthermore, as you age your vagina becomes shorter and its walls become thinner and less flexible. These factors can make achieving sexual pleasure harder.åÊ
Learning how to control the egg set from lowest to highest weights, one at a time, will result in healthy genital tone, improved vaginal skin tone and increased vaginal sensitivity. The different weights of the solid glass eggs can help strengthen vaginal and PC muscles (i.e. your lower pelvic floor muscles), and work out many involuntary muscles in this area. This is turn can strengthen your bladder and your sexual pleasure as well as the pleasure of your partner.åÊåÊ
A healthy, well-exercised sexual system equals more blood flow, which equals more arousal. More arousal equals more lubrication, which means you can be closer to achieving your orgasm! Constant practice required.
How to use:
- Hold the egg to immediately take your body temperature.åÊ
- Always rinse before and after use to maintain their cleanliness.
- Start with lightest egg. Use it to train yourself first so that you can eventually hold in the larger egg when ready.
- Always wear knickers while training until you have full control of your PC muscles and can hold eggs inside. This is because solid eggs are heavy and can fall out onto your toes or break if they hit hard flooring.åÊ
- Eggs will always come out naturally if you laugh, sneeze, cough or push gently in a similar manner to making a bowl movement.
- Many women learn how to use 2 eggs at once: A woman that practices regularly can learn to use 2 eggs in opposite directions until they hit each other gently. The vibrations can be heavenly. A woman should lie down to practice this first, and should not attempt it unless she can hold in the heaviest egg with full control first.

  • 3 beautiful glass eggs of different weights
  • Results in healthy genital tone, improved vaginal skin tone and increased vaginal sensitivity
  • Strengthens vaginal and PC musclesåÊ
  • Presented in a beautiful leather case
  • Average egg weights: 50 grams (yellow), 60 grams (pink), 70 grams (blue)

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