Velv'Or JCobra

by: Velv'Or

Jelle Plantenga is a visionary jewellery designer who has recently decided to create his own range of luxury erotic toys which are sure to change your entire concept of what a sex toy should be.
Jelle‰۪s first offering is the Velv‰۪Or Jcobra cock ring; simply put, this is one of the finest cock rings a Gentleman could ever wrap around his member. The Velv‰۪Or JCobra is the reimagining of what a cock ring should be, and the results are phenomenal. Armed with a fierce passion for the erotic and a penchant for decadence Jelle has created a work of art.åÊ
Upon first sight of the Velv‰۪Or JCobra, most people truly believe they are looking at a sculpture; it intrigues, excites and astonishes those fortunate enough to lay eyes upon it. But what is truly extraordinary is the effect the Velv‰۪Or JCobra has upon those who learn its true purpose. The body become charged with lust, a desperate erotic desire floods the senses and leaves a Gentleman desperate to own the most prodigal sex toy in the world.
With the help of a master silversmith, Jelle Plantenga has created a cock ring of extraordinary beauty and you can be certain that the premium materials only help to raise its allure.åÊ
What is most astonishing about the Velv‰۪Or JCobra, however, is the fact that the regal figure is purely a result of functionality led design. When Jelle designed this cock ring, he wanted to stray from the standard ring mould, for he felt the design and function was uncomfortable and prosaic. Jelle‰۪s Velv‰۪Or JCobra is the world‰۪s first ‰Û÷bended‰۪ cock ring. The shape is designed to flow with the natural contours of a Gentleman‰۪s groin, making it the most comfortable, ergonomic cock ring ever created. It may not look like it, but be sure that the Velv‰۪Or JCobra can be worn all day long without the faintest hint of discomfort.
Made of electro formed hollow silver, set with a natural pearl, this cock-ring is surely one of the most precious erotic goods money can buy.
When wrapped around a Gentleman‰۪s member and testicles, The Velv‰۪Or Jcobra will set close to the body while the ‰Û÷head‰۪ presses strongly against the perineum. When a Gentleman uses the Velv‰۪Or JCobra, Madame is sure to notice a boost in his endowment, a more prolonged performance and an astonishing increase in both her and his pleasure. While the pearl may add an aesthetic charm, it is actually there for her pleasure; when Madame is pressed close to her lover, the pearl will stroke against her body‰۪s own pearl, giving an added dimension to her pleasure.

Collections: Gent's Rings, Homme

Type: Toys

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