Yes For Lov Blindfold / Cuffs

by: Yes For Lov

YESforLOV is a Parisian based purveyor of fine sexual apothecary and accessories. In their own words YESforLOV provide the adult world with ‰Û÷Cosmetiques du Plaisir‰۪, and their estimation of their brand is truly perfect. YESforLOV provides us all with the erotic products required to break down sexual barriers while prolonging and heightening the pleasures of lovemaking.
YESforLOV‰۪s Black Satin Blindfold is the most decadent and versatile blindfold we have ever seen. YESforLOV‰۪s Blindfold is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, it mirrors feminine sexuality, inspiring feelings of deep desire. Wrap YESforLOV's Satin Blindfold around the head to rob sight, raise anticipation and heighten pleasure. Alternatively YESforLOV‰۪s Satin Blindfold can be used to tie the hands, chastising a lover for being too hurried, teaching them a lesson so they might wait their turn.

  • Black Satin Blindfold
  • Can be used as Hand Ties
  • Monogrammed

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