Yes For Lov Caress Cream for Buttocks

by: Yes For Lov

YESforLOV is a Parisian based purveyor of fine sexual apothecary and accessories. In their own words YESforLOV provide the adult world with ‰Û÷Cosmetiques du Plaisir‰۪, and their estimation of their brand is truly perfect. YESforLOV provides us all with the erotic products required to break down sexual barriers while prolonging and heightening the pleasures of lovemaking.
Many consider the Female buttocks to be nature‰۪s greatest and most erotic art form. The gentle twin curves are for many the ultimate sculpture, the proof that no man will ever replicate this incredible feat of femininity. Unfortunately we do not live in an age which is kind to the skin, we spend too much time outdoors to enjoy the pleasures of a perfect derriere.åÊ
Well your femininity can from now on remain intact; Caress Cream For Buttocks is a cream specially formulated to keep Madame‰۪s buttocks in impeccable condition. Caress Cream regenerates and smoothes the skin of the buttocks, removing small imperfections as it passes while leaving a delicate, subtle powdery finish which is every bit as erotic as your derriere.åÊ
We suggest that application is made during lovemaking; no Gentleman can resist the insurmountable pleasures gained from caressing, stroking and kneading a fine Lady‰۪s buttocks.

  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Regenerates The Skin
  • Smoothes and Removes Imperfections

    Collections: Apothecary, Bodycare

    Type: Body

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