Yes For Lov Ice Hot Kisses

by: Yes For Lov

YESforLOV is a Parisian based purveyor of fine sexual apothecary and accessories. In their own words YESforLOV provide the adult world with ‰Û÷Cosmetiques du Plaisir‰۪, and their estimation of their brand is truly perfect. YESforLOV provides us all with the erotic products required to break down sexual barriers while prolonging and heightening the pleasures of lovemaking.
Ice Hot Kisses represents the coming together of two markets which modern Women consider sacred; the erotic world of adult sensuality and lip balms!! Ice Hot Kisses is a set of lip balms with a difference. Both of the provided lip balms protect and nourish the lips, leaving the skin incredibly soft and inviting, but the feature which really makes Ice Hot Kisses stand out from the crowd is the effect they have upon the lips.åÊ
One stick is icy cool and tingles, the other is hot and make the skin feel as if it is on fire (in a good way); each on its own is surprisingly arousing, but when you and a partner each wear one of the balms and then bring them together in a long, deep and lingering kiss, the effect is so good your mouths will struggle part.
We suggest using the Ice Hot Kisses set to seriously enlighten foreplay and intercourse.

  • 2 Sticks with extreme sensations
  • Nourishes and Protects the Skin

        Collections: Apothecary, Lotions & Potions

        Type: Body

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