Yes For Lov Naughty Poker Coin

by: Yes For Lov

YESforLOV is a Parisian based purveyor of fine sexual apothecary and accessories. In their own words YESforLOV provide the adult world with ‰Û÷Cosmetiques du Plaisir‰۪, and their estimation of their brand is truly perfect. YESforLOV provide us all with the sexually themed products which are perfectly suited to removing the barriers of decency.
YESforLOV‰۪s Naughty Poker Coin may seem like a novelty, but it does in fact offer a very sought after commodity; the expression of your most intimate desires, free from the shackles of decorum. By flipping the Naughty Poker Coin you are offered the chance to express your most private desires time and time again. Too many people feel that to ask for what they truly want in the bedroom is either rude or selfish, not so, and to make matters easier you can rely upon YESforLOV‰۪s Naughty Poker Coin to give you that much desired opportunity.

  • Two sided poker chip
  • "What I want" on one side, "What You Want" on the reverse

Collections: Accessories, Games

Type: Toys

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