Zini Melody Solo Vibrating Egg

by: Zini

Melody by Zini is a fabulous vibrator and egg in one, whose surprisingly strong vibration is controlled with a powder compact looking remote control. 

Zini Melody is a chic vibrating egg and at the same time a clitoral vibrator:.Decide for yourself how you want to pamper yourself.
Zini Melody can be placed directly on the clitoris and massages your pleasure center with intense vibrations - or you put this small pampering miracle with its soft silicone case with safety return loop and introduce the toy vaginally. Melody has a length of 6.2 centimeters with a maximum diameter of 3.3 centimeters.
Whether clitoral or vaginal, you have seven different levels of vibration and seven speeds to choose from, which will allow you to be stimulated into the seventh heaven of pleasure. 
Especially comfortable, Zini Melody can be controlled directly on the toy via intuitive buttons - or with the visually ingeniously designed remote control.
It looks like a compact powder case and gives you full control over your luxury toy. Or do you want to give control away? Zini Melody is also an exciting toy for couples who want to bring variety into lovemaking. The wireless remote control has a range of three meters, enough for indoor and outdoor erotic games.
Enjoy the vibrations during your walk with your loved one and let him decide when and how much you will be heated by the exciting vibrations. A sparkling adventure for both!
Another highlight of the shapely toy is the stylish LED light, which visually shows you the selected vibration level. Zini Melody is rechargeable with the supplied USB charging cable and provides you with a full charge in two hours. It is also waterproof and likes to accompany you into the hot tub! 
  • Handy lay-on vibrator & vibrating egg in one
  • Very strong vibration
  • 7 vibration modes & 7 speeds
  • Wireless remote control in compact case
  • Volume below 50 dB
  • Splashproof
  • Soft silicone cover
  • USB charging cable

Collections: Bullets, Femme

Type: Toys

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