Maison Close Feather & Chain Cuffs

by: Maison Close

Maison Close is a purveyor of fine, vintage inspired sexual accessories. All of their products are designed with flair and panache; they are designed to be overtly erotic, glamorous with an air of the theatrical. Maison Close is an invitation to explore the sensual charms of lovemaking, they take us on an elegant journey of discovery, to find your fantasies and see them fulfilled.
Maison Close‰۪s Menottes Volupt̩ are a pair of the finest, most sensual handcuffs. Les Menottes Volupt̩ combine the elegant charms of the Masquerade with the erotic flair of Mardi Gras. The Feather cuffs are exquisitely soft and fluffy, an homage to feminine sensuality while the golden chain is dramatically beautiful.åÊ
Maison Close‰۪s Menottes Volupt̩ are the perfect pair of handcuff‰۪s with which to explore the overwhelming delights of light bondage play. Use the handcuffs to chaste and tame the over excited hands of a partner; drive them into a state of sexual desperation, all the while knowing that the slightly longer chain will still allow the same partner to tease and play with you, if only to a lesser, more controllable, degree.

Collections: Accessories, Bondage, Cuffs & Ties

Type: Bondage

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