Kama Sutra Stimulating Gel

by: Kama Sutra

In this day and age we are all aware that Women are becoming more sexually demanding as they begin to discover that they may be multi-orgasmic; while a truly blessed few are starting to realize just how treasured the phrase poly-orgasmic is!!
If you are one of these Women we congratulate you; if not then all we can say is get back on the horse and keep trying!! The downside of this is that many of these women are beginning to find that the greatest hurdle in unleashing this world of multiple orgasms, is that of the over-excited Gentleman!! The over excited Man too often fails to unlock the door to these orgasms which cripple the body and leave you in a heaving state of orgasmic ecstasy.
Well the kind chaps at Kama Sutra have sent us all a present, the kind we may only get once in a lifetime; Pleasure Balm. Pleasure Balm is an ultra-effective desensitizing gel which when applied to your Gentleman‰۪s member will keeping him going for as long as you want!!
As an added bonus Pleasure Balm is available in either Spearmint or Strawberry dreams, each of which have a wonderful aroma and truly delicious taste.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • For external use
  • NOT Latex Safe

      Collections: Apothecary, Lotions & Potions

      Type: Body

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