Babes - Damir

by: Babes n Horny

As the name suggests a Cock ring encircles the base of the penis and/or the scrotum. Its technical purpose,is to keep the cock hard by preventing blood from flowing out of the engorged member.
A hard-on gets it's blood supply from arteries on the inside of the penis, a cock ring retricts the returning blood from flowing through the veins closer to the surface. The net result being an erection that is harder,thicker,larger,and easy to maintain, allowing you and your partner to enjoy hours of fucking and coming and coming again. Many men say it also intensifies the pleasure of the actual climax so forget Viagra, this is all you need to keep things hot and heavy. There is no need to wait until you want to fuck to use it, it is pretty horny to slip it on while you just socialise, it will push your packet forward making you look pretty stacked even when you're flaccid or with a semi.
These rings from Babes n Horny make are as lovely as everything else we do. So girls,if you are looking for a sexy present for your guy forget the badger shaving brush and buy him something that will benefit both of you. No need to study tantric sex manuals to get either those long sessions you crave or your 'afternoon quickie, quicker.

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