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by: Bijoux Indiscrets

The Spanish firm Bijoux Indiscrets brings an air of Hispanic flair to the bedrooms of erotically inspired and uninhibited couples the world over. Their products exude sultry, provocative sensuality, coaxing the mind into the passionate embrace of a deep lust, while the body is fired with prosaic carnal urges; sexual desperation is driven to astronomical heights. Bijoux Indiscrets offers the World a chance to let go of decency and give in to the excess of mortal sexuality. Eroticism is a vital human energy, inherent in all of us; it courses through the blood, its power undeniable.åÊ
Regard Indiscret seeks to capture the spirit of a couple‰۪s innate desires. It provides you with the accessories to create the most suggestive and sensual of photographic sessions. Satin and Leather Nipple Tassels enchant and tease, the pearl belt accentuates the magnificent curves of the female form while the Feather Boa brings an air of the theatrical. In addition to this three candles provide a soft, flickering light source which adds a sultry quality to the photo.åÊ
With the aid of Regard Indiscret even the most experienced photographer cannot help but fall captive to the erotic charms of his muse. We feel that the photo session may lead to far more intimate acts!!
  • Nipple Tassels
  • Pearls String Belt
  • Feather Boa
  • Candles
  • Comes with an elegant storage case

Collections: Hampers, Sale

Type: Body

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