Fraulein Kink Worship Me Collar and Handcuffs Set

by: Fraulein Kink

Fraulein Kink is the astonishing brainchild of the BDSM world‰۪s new darling Miss Nicole. As a bondage enthusiast and certified fashionista, Miss Nicole felt her desires were being limited by the poor quality and unpleasant aesthetic so ingrained in the bondage universe. Her pleasure was hindered by goods made using low quality materials with a clinical design and a generally masculine feel. Indeed she could find the lacy, frilly restraints which so tempted her, though they tended to for body decor more than what she terms ‰Û÷real play‰۪; these pieces simply would not weather the physicality of true bondage.
Miss Nicole‰۪s answer was to create Fraulein Kink, the brand which creates elegant, feminine pieces which can play just as hard as you can! Made of the finest materials including silks, satins, lace and fur, her restraints are famed for both their beauty and their durability. For the boudoir belle who wishes to indulge her bondage needs without compromising her feminine flair, Fraulein Kink is the answer to your prayers.
This Superb Fraulein Kink set is really the ultimate multitasker, allowing you and your lover to experiment with different types of restraint and bondage. Wear the cuffs by themselves for minimalistic restraint, or attach them to the collar with the included chain to create a glamorous T-bar restraint. For those who really wish to indulge their dominant fantasies make sure to put your lover on the leash to feel that astonishing surge of dominant power which is so deeply intimate and erotic.
The Fraulein Kink Worship Me Collar and Handcuffs are without doubt some of the most graceful and beautiful restraints one can lay the hands on. The quality of the material is truly second to none and the craftsmanship is peerless. Made using lace, silk, satin and fur, these handcuffs are exquisitely feminine and desperately erotic. The handle of the leash is crafted using gorgeous patent black leather which all divas find truly irresistible. The fur lining ensures that no matter how hard you wish to play, you will never experience the slightest discomfort. Use these magnificent restraints to fulfil your desires and you will be rewarded tenfold.åÊ
Joined together by a beautiful, detachable, chain these handcuffs easily double as wonderfully extravagant cuff bracelets which go perfectly with any LBD and will make you the star of the show should you be attending a Masquerade Ball. For true decadence one should also wear the matching collar; the result is a set of accessories which hark back to the beauty of times past while also hinting at myriad lustful opportunities.

  • Luxury Handcuffs and Collar
  • Handmade in Berlin
  • Lined with Fur for Comfort
  • Durable
  • Detachable Chain
  • Comes with Leash Attachment
  • Cuffs can be worn as fashion


Collections: Accessories, Bondage, Cuffs & Ties

Type: Bondage

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