Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle

by: Jimmjane

Dim the lights, light the wick of the massage candle and allow a pool of warm melted wax to form in the centre. Pour the massage oil onto your lover's skin with the subtle tapered spout of the ceramic candle holder, massaging it into their skin as part of a sensual and soothing massage, nourishing them with the rehydrating, shea butter enriched oil. 


The wax melts at a skin-safe temperature and can be applied directly to the skin. Made of clean-burning, natural paraffin-free wax. Each candle offers approximately 42 hours of burning. 


Housed in a beautiful porcelain candle holder with bespoke matches. The perfect romantic gift for your lover.

Collections: Apothecary, Oils & Candles

Type: Body

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