Jimmyjane Little Ember Set

by: Jimmjane

Jimmyjane's Little Ember Candles are some of the most desirable around. Each one is wrapped in a beautifully minimalistic porcelain container which is designed to soothe the mind. All of Jimmyjane's Little Ember Massage Candles offer an exquisite and unique pairing of aphrodisiac scents; each Little Ember releases a base note which leads the way and a wonderfully charismatic top note designed to set the tone.
Designed to burn in a wonderfully seductive way with a gentle and flickering illumination, seductive aroma and tactile thrill, Jimmyjane's Little Ember Massage Candles come into their own when snuffed out. The 'wax' is made of Jimmyjane's natural blend of spa-grade ingredients featuring a precise balance of Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy, Aloe and other botanical extracts. When you snuff out the candle the melted 'wax' leaves an incredibly seductive massage oil to drizzle onto your nude form, leaving skin wonderfully silky.åÊ
This travel sized selection is the perfect indulgence when leaving home. Whether you are going on holiday or traveling on business, with or without your lover, this selection is sure to keep you and your body occupied and desperately aroused.

3 Candles:

CorianderåÊ& Quince

Saffron & Neroli

Truffle &åÊGardenia

  • Proprietary blend of natural, spa-grade materials
  • Hydrates and Nourishes the skin
  • Clean-burning, paraffin free, lead free, natural cotton wick
  • 4 hour burn time per candle

Collections: Apothecary, Oils & Candles

Type: Body

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