Jimmyjane Wink

by: Jimmjane

Jimmyjane is a name which has a very close relationship with the very pinnacle of erotic design, and their extraordinary wink mask is certainly no ‰Û÷black sheep‰۪. Made of over three yards of the softest silk, Wink gives you unparalleled comfort and yield. Onto this silk scarf an incredibly soft, suede, eye mask is threaded. The reason Jimmyjane have simply threaded the eye mask onto the silk band, is to give you a world of opportunity; use Wink as an eye mask during sleep or during lovemaking, take off the eye mask to wear the scarf during the day, or at night to restrain an overexcited lover. The possibilities are truly endless with this piece of sensual and feminine erotic fashion. Using Wink in the boudoir allows you to discover the worlds of light bondage and sensory deprivation. Both will lead you on a voyage of erotic self-discovery and both will bring you pleasure you have never imagined.
When you arrive in the bedroom and slip into your nightgown you can use Wink to signal your intentions to your lover. Wink is double sided; a ‰Û÷Z‰۪ embroidered on the one side, while the other displays a heart. To show your lover that you wish to sleep make sure they can see the ‰Û÷Z‰۪. If your intentions are more carnal ad driven by lust, it is the heart you will want to show.

  • The supple suede design is soft against your skinåÊ
  • Made from over three yards of silk!
  • Completely blocks out unwanted light
  • Double Sided (a heart on one side, the letter Z on the other)
  • Detachable Mask

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