Paul Seville Flogger with Ostrich Cuff

by: Paul Seville

Originally hailing from the Emerald Isle, London based leather couturier Paul Seville has surely earned himself the position as the world‰۪s most respected erotic artisan. His designs have graced the runways of many of the world‰۪s most esteem fashion shows; his illustrious fans including many of the most recognizable fashion house leaders. As an artisan, Paul Seville is peerless; his ability to process fine leathers and exotic skins and form them into the finest of bondage accessories is incomparable. The fact that each piece has been lovingly crafted by his own hand shows tremendous respect for the client, while using any of his pieces is a true honour.åÊ
Since Paul created his Boudoir Range of bondage inspired accessories, one of most desired pieces is the Spiral Handle Flogger; a flogger which is a true signature piece of his collection and highly prized among the world‰۪s connoisseurs. While many varieties abound, at La Belle Ìäpoque we feel that combination which is most beautiful and most revered for its function is the Spiral Handle Flogger complete with Leather Straps. This, for us, is the king of floggers, unmatched in elegance, beauty or erotic ability; the narrow leather straps offer an incomparable range of sensations.åÊ
Whether you wish to stroke your lover‰۪s nude form with the leather straps, or use masterful technique to offer darting, stinging flicks, be certain that this flogger will open up a whole new world of erotic opportunity. The detachable cuff adds a touch of graceful sin to the drama of your playtime, but also ensures that you do not lose control of your flogger at the crucial moment.åÊ
This magnificent flogger is made of the highest quality leather for that oooh so good weight of quality, while the straps strike a perfect balance between flexibility and the stiffness required to deliver that sharp, stingy goodness. The cuff itself is made of the finest Ostrich hide for a little decadence, but it also means it matches other pieces within this range.
The detachable nature of the Ostrich cuff means it doubles as an edgy piece of daytime jewellery; it is so arousing to wear this in the day, you alone knowing its erotic nature. It ensures that whenever your eyes light upon it, your body is taken by a desperate craving.

  • Spiral leather handled flogger
  • Detachable handcuff in ostrich skin - can be worn as a bracelet
  • Hand made in London

    Collections: Bondage, Crops and Whips

    Type: Bondage

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