Paul Seville Jewel Stringray Paddle

by: Paul Seville

Originally hailing from the Emerald Isle, London based leather couturier Paul Seville has surely earned himself the position as the world‰۪s most respected erotic artisan. His designs have graced the runways of many of the world‰۪s most esteem fashion shows; his illustrious fans including many of the most recognizable fashion house leaders. As an artisan, Paul Seville is peerless; his ability to process fine leathers and exotic skins and form them into the finest of bondage accessories is incomparable. The fact that each piece has been lovingly crafted by his own hand shows tremendous respect for the client, while using any of his pieces is a true honour.åÊ
Paul Seville‰۪s spanking paddles have become his calling card, they are famed for their beauty and function and many spanking connoisseurs feel blessed by the presence of one of Paul‰۪s paddles within their collection. Paul Seville paddles are without doubt the finest spanking instruments money can buy; the ‰Û÷Jewel‰۪ stingray is the finest in his collection, which makes this the greatest spanking instrument ever created.
The Jewel Stingray Paddle is made of the finest genuine Stingray hide backed by beautifully soft and supple leather, so that the reverse side is perfectly silky while the stingray front is coarse but very smooth. Like all Paul Seville spanking paddles, this is incredibly flexible allowing for a greater range of sensations than most other paddles. Whether you wish to tease your lover with a light slap or engage in the fetish of ‰Û÷over the knee‰۪ spanking, be sure you will find no finer instrument with which to play.

  • Stingray Skin Spanking Paddle
  • Stingray's Jewel in centre - the most valued part of the hide
  • Handmade in the UK

      Collections: Bondage, Paddles

      Type: Bondage

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