Rocks Off RO-80

by: Rocks Off

Rudy Rings from Rocks Off is a pair of cock rings which come attached to one another, but they can be torn into two separate rings. Alternatively Rudy Rings can be worn as one, giving that little bit extra that all Women love so much.
Cock rings such as the Rudy Rings are becoming increasingly common and there is really no reason why you chaps shouldn‰۪t pop one on each time you have intercourse. Cock rings are shown to both enlarge the male erection, prolong the erection and also to delay ejaculation, so realistically they kill three rather large birds with one petite stone. Wearing a Rudy Ring is a must for any Gentleman who wishes to truly treat his lover, the experience of intercourse will be enhanced as both partners get more of what they want.

          Collections: Gent's Rings, Homme

          Type: Toys

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