Shiri Zinn Minx

by: Shiri Zinn

Shiri Zinn‰۪s Minx is erotic haute couture. Made of the finest materials, Minx is excruciatingly beautiful and feminine. Her figure is overtly promiscuous and her form makes not effort to hide her function. Minx is one of the most sought after vibrators in the world and demand for her far outstrips supply, as with all the finest handmade goods. Shiri Zinn‰۪s Minx is the vibrating bed-mate of many high-society Ladies and Celebrities alike; her glittering list of devotees includes Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Ivana Trump!
Minx is not one to shy from the limelight, she is an exhibitionist, a diva. Minx is the life of any erotic gathering and she demands your attention, but we can assure you that you not will not withhold your attention, you will give yourself wholly to her and she to you.
Her gently curving form is effortlessly feminine, her undulating shaft is designed to leave any woman in a crazed state, desperately begging for more; you can never spend enough time with Minx and she will never tire of pleasuring you.
Shiri Zinn‰۪s Minx is made of the smoothest polished acrylic, her silver end cap is embellished with 12 of the finest pink Swarovski crystals and her heartbreakingly sensual tail is made of the finest pink Marabou Feather; Minx's tail is detachable so while Minx explores your inner sanctum, her feather tail can glide across your body, exciting you even further.
Her graduated figure will leave you gasping for greater depth and girth, she will push you to your limits and then you will invite her further in, leaving you with the most astonishing feeling of penetrative satiation. Turn Minx on and explore her variable speed motor and you will experience feelings of pleasure previously only dreamt of!!
Shiri Zinn‰۪s Minx comes in a magnificent handmade, satin lined, snakeskin box and is provided with a genuine sterling silver display stand.

  • Body Safe Materials
  • 12 Swarovski Crystals
  • Variable Speed
  • Near Silent Motor
  • Comes beautifully presented in snakeskin case
  • Silver Display Stand
  • Batteries Included

Collections: Femme, LUXX, Vibrators

Type: Toys

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