Swarovski Tassels

by: Lux - Me

LUX-ME's magical Swarovski Nipple Tassels are some of the finest examples a Woman is likely to find anywhere. They are embellished with the finest Swarovski Crystals, to mirror the theatrical nature of love and lust. The tassels bounce and swing as your body dances and glides around the bedroom.åÊ
LUX-ME's Gold Swarovski Nipple Tassels are the most exquisite Nipple Tassels available, they are captivating to behold in the box, but once applied to cap the gentle, feminine curves of the breasts, any Man will be putty in your hand. They shine and sparkle as they catch the light, throwing tiny spears of light dancing around the room. Your breasts glistening like the sun, you will turn any man into a willing lover, desperate to fulfill your most intimate desires.
We implore you to add these magnificent nipple tassels to the most erotic of outfits to add a little touch of teasing indecency.

Collections: Accessories, Pasties & Tassels

Type: Body

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