We Vibe 2

by: We Vibe

We Vibe II is the most revolutionary sex toy ever released (We Vibe was the first ever sex toy which can be used during intercourse) as it quite simply betters the best. Many have found sex toys to be a magnificent sexual experience but how many can say they have never wished for one which can be used during lovemaking to heighten the experience and bring it to an entirely new level, and what an answer to those prayers - the We Vibe II is the messiah of sex toys.
Form and function have been considered in spades during the design of the We Vibe and no compromise has been made. The Multi Award-Winning We Vibe was considered by all who have been so fortunate as to experience its astonishing abilities as the undisputed king of all adult toys, that title has only been recently taken by We Vibe II, its more advanced sibling. No other product even comes close to the performance of the We Vibe II and not just during intercourse, We Vibe II is an astonishing experience during solo-play as well as couples-play. Supplied with a special storage box designed to look just like a sunglasses case the We Vibe II is ultra-discreet and the perfect vibrator to keep permanently in your handbag, well on second thoughts maybe not permanently!!
We Vibe II's dual motors offer nine levels of hedonistic release, ranging from a gentle tactile purr, however switch the WeVibe II to its highest level and we guarantee it will feel as the entire earth is shaking underneath you. We Vibe II is really two vibrators in the sleek, tactile package of one. Two vibrators means dual stimulation and We Vibe II is designed to stimulate the two greatest areas. We Vibe II's outer vibrator sits perfectly on the clitoris while the inner vibrator provides the most intense G-spot stimulation imaginable from 9 different vibrating functions.
Designed to be comfortable at all times the We Vibe II is made of incredibly flexible silicone which will happily flex and sway in time to you and your partner. It's time to say goodbye to your rabbit and hello to the We Vibe II because no product has ever been able to provide the clitoral and G-spot stimulation that this is able to, and it can also provide those sensations during intercourse.
This is without doubt the most unique, versatile and orgasmic sex toy ever created, no single or couple should ever be without this little magician in their box of tricks.

  • Body safe materials - medical grade silicone
  • Multi Award Winning
  • Dual two speed motors
  • 9 Vibrating functions
  • Hands free, strap free and wireless
  • Uniquely able to be used during intercourse
  • Double vibrators offering twice the pleasure
  • Rechargeable
  • Discreet, small and light
  • 100% waterproof
  • Supplied with a discreet box modelled after a sunglasses case

Collections: Couples, For couples

Type: Toys

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