Hello Touch Review

We have been sent in a customer’s review of the Hello Touch and thought we would share it with you all!

I’ve tried the jimmy Jane – hello touch designer finger:
I found that its simple to set up and comfy when on my wrist and fingers. I like that it has 2 finger pads that can be used to stimulate 2 separate areas, actually I found the most pleasurable way for me was having one on my thumb and one on my middle finger; using my thumb on my clit and my middle finger inside of me. As I normally take a while to climax when ‘playing with myself’ I found that this made me climax a lot quicker and with less effort, I will defiantly be using it regularly!!

The only slightly negative points I have about it is that my fingers started to get numb after a while from the vibrations (thou probably cos I didn’t want to stop !!), and the controller buttons have to be pressed quite hard for turning it off and on..


Daisy Livett
Daisy Livett