As with Women’s vaginal sex toys, anal toys come in a magnificent range of shapes, sizes, materials and functions. Although, in reality, anal toys fall into one of three main categories, each of which are different, unique and equally wonderful. Too many people believe that anal play of any kind is either taboo or unhygienic, however this really is not the case. Over the past few years, the amount of people enjoying anal play – with or without toys – has grown exponentially, and for good reason. The one thing that we do advise is the use of lubrication; in particular we suggest using specialist anal lubricants. With any form of anal play, the key to the most pleasant experience is to be relaxed throughout but particularly during insertion.


Anal plugs are designed to be inserted into the anus and then held firmly in place by the rectal muscles during intercourse and / or foreplay. Anal plugs come in widely varying shapes and sizes to suit the anatomy of any user. Their specific purpose, at which they are particularly adept, is to heighten the sensations of sexual intercourse for either partner.

One of the great benefits of anal plugs is the ability to wear them during vaginal intercourse (by either partner) to add a whole new wonderful dimension. For people interested in exploring anal play, plugs are a great starting point. However, we do suggest than inexperienced users start with smaller sized plugs before moving on to more robust models.

  • Wide range of shapes, sizes and colours
  • Vibrating models
  • Perfect for use with a partner
  • Great starting point for beginners


Anal beads are one of the most popular forms of anal play due to the amazingly varied sensations one can experience through proper usage. Anal beads are designed to be used in one of two ways; firstly, anal beads are inserted anally and worn during foreplay and vaginal intercourse and then removed at the point of climax, which massively heightens the experience. Secondly, anal beads can be inserted and removed repetitively during intercourse and foreplay for an added dimension of pleasure.

Anal beads come in a wide variety of materials, the primary aim of which is to allow multiple different sensations. In terms of form, anal beads consist of a central string or flexible shaft onto which the beads are threaded. The beads themselves are also offered in many different forms, ranging from spherical to ridged and/or studded.

When choosing anal beads for the first time we suggest choosing a highly flexible set on which the beads are small and of a simple spherical nature. When using anal beads you must use plenty of lubricant and, prior to insertion, we suggest that you thoroughly check the string or shaft to ascertain whether or not it is compromised and/or likely to break.

  • Wide range of sizes and width of beads
  • Can increase climax strength
  • Perfect for the first time user
  • Soft or firmer materials


Anal vibrators and dildos are as varied as their vaginal counterparts. However, they are designed specifically for anal use. Ranging from smaller models like anal plugs, they go all the way to full size phallic formed models. Anal vibrators and dildos are formed to be safe and comfortable during anal play, and so many have a tapered shape to aid insertion and nearly all feature a flanged base so as not to be inserted too far.

As with other sex toys, they range from the non-vibrating dildo models to ultra high end multiple vibration setting models so as to accommodate any desires. When selecting an anal dildo or vibrator for the first time it is important to remember that if you are not used to the experience, it is far easier and more comfortable to begin with a smaller and narrower model.

The risks of complications through the usage of anal sex toys are higher than those attributed to vaginal sex toys. However, with safe practice there is no need, for first time users it is imperative to go smaller and also to be as gentle as possible so as not to cause any damage or micro fissures within the rectal passage. Also crucially important is the use of a specialist anal lubricant.

  • Wide range of different sizes / shapes / colours / materials
  • Vibrating and non vibrating models available
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and safety