Dildos are the world’s oldest form of sex toy and came into fashion almost as soon as civilized life. Dildos are made in wildly varying shapes and sizes for any equally wide array of uses. Your ideal dildo is truly down to you and your partner’s anatomies and the usage you desire. Some dildos are designed specifically for use with a strap on harness and have a flanged base to hold them in place, the same is true of anal dildos which need this sort of base to stop them disappearing into the unknown!

Sizes vary in both length and girth, and the ideal size is truly what you are comfortable with. We at La Belle Époque are well aware that most Women would hide from a 20 inch dildo, and so we only provide you with a sensible and safe range. However, at the end of the day, your pleasure is what matters and the choice is yours and yours alone.



When purchasing your first dildo, it's probably best to go for a small, smooth dildo to get used to handling it. 

But what if you want something a bit more erotic? Curved length to tipped dildos, such as the Lelo Ella, are the real deal when it comes to hitting your G-spot bang on. Because of their angled heads, these clever dildos get to your sweet spot in double-quick time and will produce some amazing orgasms.

Twisted, contoured or 'special feature' dildos, such as the Glass Spiral Dildo are ideal for both partner play and solo fun. The unique shapes will satisfy your wildest dildo fantasies with ease!


Think about length and girth - do you always feel like you're craving more, or do you cringe at the mere thought of a good stretching? We sell small dildos for those just starting out and a range for those who prefer more length or girth.. or both!

Check and double check the size measurements in the product descriptions.


Finishes, materials and flexibility make a massive difference to the results delivered by your dildo. Rigid toys like glass, metal and silicone are great for working the G-spot or P-spot. They're also smoother than real-feel, rubber or jelly and so are easier to insert and require less lube.

Glass and metal dildos are often cast in sublime shapes for entirely new internal sensation. Metal and glass dildos can be warmed or cooled for extra variety to your play.

Silicone dildos are firm yet flexible, warm quickly to body temperature and are easy to clean. Silicone is a brilliant choice for an anal dildo.