Vibrators are electromechanical devices which produce vibrations, and are intended to be used in contact with the body to stimulate the nerves and tissue. Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, and can be used in a variety of ways, including externally or internally to the body. When used for sexual stimulation (rather than for massage or other therapeutic use), vibrators are generally applied to the erogenous zones, and in particular to the clitoris, vulva, vagina, anus or penis.

There are several considerations you may want to have in mind when choosing a vibrator for yourself or another.

  • What type of stimulation are you looking for?
  • Would you prefer rechargeable or battery powered?
  • How much should you spend?


Basic vibrators account for a huge proportion of the market and despite differences in size, colour and quality they all perform rather similarly. Primarily, basic vibrators come in a simple yet smooth phallic form, this allows for ease of use and ease of insertion. Ideal for first time users, the classic or basic vibrators are timeless and always enjoyable. They are also particularly well suited to external use for Males who shy away from more invasive Men’s toys.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Range of colours and sizes to suit all needs
  • Generally single speed, though some higher end examples do offer multi-speed vibration
  • Good for beginners


The world famous “rabbit” vibrator is the world’s best selling sex toy and is manufactured extensively by many brands. Many people believe that all rabbits are of a similar standard, however this is categorically untrue, as with all sex toys rabbits range from the cheap and vulgar to the elegant and sophisticated such as those at La Belle Époque. The similarities lay only in the way they work.

The recognized format for rabbit vibrators, which differs from all other types, is the combination of the internal vibrating (and often rotating) shaft along with the “bunny ears” which sit on the external vagina and stimulate the clitoris.

  • Internal and clitoral stimulation
  • Easy to operate 
  • Huge range of shapes, sizes and colours
  • More suited for solo play
  • Perfect gift for the single girl or equally liberated housewife!


G-Spot vibrators are an ever-growing feature of the sex toy market, and they do deserve the hype. In reality, many Women may not be suited to G-Spot vibrators; not all Women have a g-spot and of those that do many find g-spot stimulation uncomfortable. But for those of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy g-spot stimulation, little is better than a high quality, multi functional g-spot vibrator.

In terms of form, nearly all g-spot vibrators are of a simplistic phallic shape with a curved tip designed to hit the desired area. Many people find that Women’s g-spot vibrators also work wonders when applied to the Male p-spot, or prostate gland.

  • Specifically designed to find the G-spot
  • Fun designs
  • Range of shapes, sizes and colours



Approach it as a newcomer, even if you've both used vibrators on your own or with others before. Just as you needed to get to know one another when you first began having sex, it may take some time to get comfortable using a vibrator together as well. Start small (literally and figuratively), and progress together from there.

Here are a few of the most common stumbling blocks, accompanied by some suggestions we hope you'll find useful. Every relationship is different, so be creative and adjust as necessary to meet your needs. 

PS – The same approach that's outlined below can easily be adapted to other desires as well...